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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
I see no reason not to buy one that has 200,000 miles or more on it, I bought both of mine with that many and other then replacing the o2 sensor and a few mufflers they have been very solid, I had a transmission main bearing wear out at 230,000 miles and cost $150 for a good used transmission and in the same car I ended up replacing the drivers seat, but if you look at what low mile VX's are selling for, you can almost buy brand new drivers seat and transmission and still come out ahead, I would sooner opt for a VX nearly 300,000 miles that didn't have rust as everything else is solid, cheap and easy to replace.
I would some input on this car i want to buy to see if its a good deal. Also wondering if the engine is stock and in good condition for its age. What would i be getting into buying a 195,000 mile car as far as dependability and life expectancy? What should i look for when its being inspected?

My current car has 128,000 miles but gets 28mpg and weighs a ton. Would i only have a 100,000 mile life expectancy with the VX?

Car has 195,000 miles. bad rust on the rear wheel wells and a good ding or two. Asking is $1,800. Might get it at $1,500. Whats your opinion, is either price good? Here are the pictures:

(add http at the front, i cant post links yet.)
://]Civic VX 195k pictures by robert-0137 - Photobucket
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