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HHO: Good, bad, or ugly?

I've spent about an hour rifling through the search reading up on you guys' opinions on the HHO method. Most seem to think the topic is dead and that those little "HHO generators" have no usefulness to ecomodding. But there seems to be those lingering doubts where certain aspects have never been disproved, and some members here have actually had some measure of success. So as much as some people are tired of hearing about it, I think its time to revisit the topic. What is the current state of the HHO craze? What of all those "engineers" on youtube that were hell bent on developing some type of working generator that actually yielded good MPG gains on a particular vehicle? Many of them posting hundreds of videos on all their testing.

So to answer my own question, I'm going to have to go with "ugly". Its not really good, but the lack of evidence completely refuting it tends to steer me away from "bad". From what I can gather, the real problems with it lie in the fact that you have to somehow reprogram the vehicle's computer (on a gasoline vehicle) to work with the HHO instead of against it or effectively ignoring it altogether.

I guess the real question is this: Once you factor in the added fuel needed to get the alternator to crank out the extra electricity to run the HHO generator, does the HHO itself actually offset the loss? If not, then of course there is no point. But if the generator can even result in a mere 20% gain, then I'm going to have to say that all its detractors are wrong. Cause I'll take 20% (which seems to be the average gain) on any vehicle I own.

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