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I know a lot of people on this forum aren't a fan of HHO, but I have had some personal success with HHO. I had limited time to test it last year on my 1998 Jeep Cherokee before I sold it, but I just installed an HHO system on my 2000 Ford Focus and I am going to start tuning the PCM. I'm not exactly sure why it works, but it seems that the HHO allows your engine to go leaner than with just gasoline and there is no noticeable power loss when tuned right. Once I get everything dialed in, I'm going to get a dyno test to remove any human variables.

My only explanation is that the extra energy comes from the water, but I'm really not sure why it works. It would be nice to know.

I attached a picture of my electrolyzer and bubbler in the car from a few months back. I just finished the installation over the holidays, and I haven't taken pictures. The car is currently at my dad's house(I'm only 15 so that's why I don't have a house. ) I'll be over there when the weather clears up around here and I'll take some picture with all the wiring and stuff. I install everything much more professionally than a lot of the videos you see one youtube.

Do me a favor though, never buy an HHO kit online. Most of them are junk. Everything in my system is made by me for my particular car. I do think some people on here should try it, because I know we could get some good data with the meticulous data done by people on these forums. It takes a lot of time and is another thing people would have to take care of which is why I expect car makers don't utilize the technology. Most people can't perform regular maintenance on their car, I couldn't see them draining the bubblers once a week and refilling the electrolyzer. Plus, the system needs to be disassembled and cleaned about every 5,000 miles, or you'll have severe corrosion build up inside the system. It's a lot of work, but it's sure fun to play with. HHO makes big explosions too!
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