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Wow, the "Pretty Prius" grill block looks pretty awesome. I may give something like that a shot.

Good to know on the antenna delete. I rarely listen to the radio, but I don't want to wreck the resale value (what little there is) of this car.

Originally Posted by deathtrain View Post
I drive 55-60 mph.
I only EOC if no one is behind me or so far back that i do not get in the way.
I don't take off as fast as everyone but I dont do it slow enough it get in the way.
Heh, in my commute there is always someone behind me, and always someone in front of me . Traffic is a way of life. Unfortunately, when moving, I travel around 40mph. Occasionally I get stuck behind someone doing 35 (speed limit), which sucks because at that speed my car will downshift on even the slightest incline. There is approximately 1 mile of 55mph road in my commute, where I travel at whatever speed the traffic is going... usually 60.

That said, the highway comment was more directed toward interstate travel. Just finished a 2000 mile road trip, and the speed limit was 70 pretty much everywhere. I went with the flow around 75 because I can't stand to be the guy holding everyone up.
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