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New Guy with Pontiac Fiero GT

Hey guys, first of all I would like to say that I found this forum randomly and I really think that it is a cool forum. Anyways my ride is a Pontiac Fiero GT, and I believe I am the first fiero on the forum! I bought my car 3 years ago and have been restoring it and using it as my daily driver. I realize that driving style is the main way to increase mpg and i'm working on that but I want to hear your ideas on how to mod my ride for economy instead of the 1/4 mile.

Economods so far: ceramic coated short headers (most noticeable increase in mpg), removed a slight intake restriction, high flow cat, cat back exhaust, much shorter antenna, and some minor weight reduction.

I haven't got around to finding out my current gas mileage but I do know that it has increases some after the mods, maybe 2-4 mpg. Where can I get a mileage monitor from to mount in place of my cd player?

My car is very easy to find aftermarket fiberglass or plastic noses and body panels so I would be open to that but I don't want to alter the look of my car too much. I know that the worst aerodynamic spot on the car is behind the rear window which is known to have a low pressure spot. Anyways, I think this car has some potential and I'm glad to be a part of the forum.

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