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Is there

Originally Posted by Sentraguy View Post
Is there a way to boattail a small sedan without doing a full on boattail?
Kamm and Korff recommended cars with enough boat-tail such that the wake would be 1/2 the frontal area of the vehicle.That occurs at about 50% of aft-body boat-tail.Thie recommendation is based on 'practical' length for operating in traffic,negotiating streets,turns,curbs,ramps and parking.
Your design drag coefficient will determine how much you add.
I looked over my materials and it looks like a car with 'no' aft-body streamlining at all would be limited to a Cd minimum of 0.20.An extreme example would be the Blue Flame rocket powered land speed record car.It's rocket ship body has a higher drag than the blunt and 'stubby' Renault Vesta II.
It would basically be impossible to achieve lower drag without extending the rear.
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