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or funky bed topper

Bad choice of words on my part. I distinctly want an Aerolid, but I was referring to the higher-than-cab toppers I've seen suggested on quite a few forums as folks think that they serve an aero purpose when towing a trailer.

A TV with a "clean" exit will make any improvements to the trailer easier to identify I would think.

Now, as to TT's, note on this trailer the hidden propane tanks, and the battery box suspended between the A-frame rails:

1995 Sterling

As compared to this earlier model where both are dirtying up the entry:

1975 Silver Streak

TT configuration is often not amenable to change. But I would think that an AEROLID on the TV, and a cleaned up TT frontal area would be of benefit.

Enclosing the TT A-frame with a smooth transition to a TT with a sealed bottom would also be slick.

I have been looking at alternate rear bumpers on TT's for my next one. The stock piece is a big ol' cow catcher in height and width. Extends past the edges on both sides (and is strong, have seen another vehicle nearly totalled after hitting a moving trailer at the rear bumper), but is like a sail:

Silver Streak rear bumper

Where a bumper of round shape serves the same purpose, but with some "benefit" (and where the rear frame rails, again, could be enclosed. Depending on the trailer and the contemplated solar power battery bank for a non-Airstream aero aluminum trailer, a couple more batteries could be fitted between the rails given some calcs about adverse handling potentials):

1972 AVION rear bumper

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