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Inserting pix for convenience.

Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
or funky bed topper

Bad choice of words on my part. I distinctly want an Aerolid, but I was referring to the higher-than-cab toppers I've seen suggested on quite a few forums as folks think that they serve an aero purpose when towing a trailer.

A TV with a "clean" exit will make any improvements to the trailer easier to identify I would think.

Now, as to TT's, note on this trailer the hidden propane tanks, and the battery box suspended between the A-frame rails:

As compared to this earlier model where both are dirtying up the entry:

TT configuration is often not amenable to change. But I would think that an AEROLID on the TV, and a cleaned up TT frontal area would be of benefit.

Enclosing the TT A-frame with a smooth transition to a TT with a sealed bottom would also be slick.
It seems to me the older style protruding LP tanks would help fill the gap between tug and trailer, reducing lee side turbulence. I presume the lead face of the trailer is well within one width of the tug and thus [the tanks are] not much of a player in straight on dynamics. Am I misunderstanding this post?
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