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Originally Posted by Laurentiu View Post
Wow ! Amazing to see they actually exported this to the US. This is the exact same models as the Dacia 1300 "Break" (aka station-wagon)

In Romania you can find literally thousands of these because it was the ONLY car sold to Romanians in communist times (it was built locally).

I didn't think they made it to the USA as well My father had a sedan version , it was able of 35-40 MPG but they were notorious for unreliability of the engine. Maybe the US version was upgraded.

Good luck with your sale, i hope someone restores it
thanx well france exported lots of renault r12 and all other models, this does not compare with the Dacia because it has a bigger engine for usa roads compared to the 1.3 and 1.4 standard dacia motor... these are stronger longer lasting built cars
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