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Originally Posted by Photonfanatic View Post
If you add a certain amount of hydrogen, and oxygen, into a combustion cylinder with gasoline, do you get more bang? If you do, it works. If you don't it doesn't work. No one here has explained why this wouldn't work. Or perhaps I missed something.
I think the biggest point that most people miss is how little hydrogen is really being produced, as Old Mechanic said:
One liter of HHO provides the same amount of energy as 1 and 1/2 wooden matches.
if you would like to see how much it takes to make a liter of hydrogen is then make an electrolizer and split some water, pick a design that keeps the hydrogen and the oxygen separate just so you are clear on what is being produced, while you are doing this you might put a amp meter on there so you can keep track of how much energy it's taking to split the water, once you get a liter of hydrogen take a look at how much energy it took to split that water and then ask your self if that was worth the one and a half match sticks worth of energy.
After you see how much hydrogen you are getting you might ask why not just buy a tank of hydrogen from your local welding shop and inject a small amount in to your intake, it's not going to take much, that is if it really works as well as the scam artists really say it does, so a tank should last you months.
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