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Originally Posted by vinny1989 View Post
Ever been in one? Ever drove one?

There's one in my family, it averages over 45mpg easily..

It drives well, and is a decent size, not a "stupidly designed . . box". As for interior space, again, ever been in one? They are not that small.

As for the Volt, i agree with you on that.
My cobalt averages 45mpg easily as well, don't get me wrong, the 500 isn't a bad car, it just let down a lot of the folks looking for a true replacement to the original 500 FE and all.

We were hoping some Euro goodness would rain down, instead we get one motor choice and the choice between an obsolete 5sp and an auto.

The 500 and the Mini are cute novelty cars and place looks over utility.
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