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Originally Posted by TEiN View Post
I think the bit that you guys may be missing is that given the choice, a clean-slate design, with the ability to choose an open-wheel design or a closed wheel design (when it comes to the race cars that you're using for examples), the open wheel design is *always* higher drag. It may be because of the necessarily wide tires hanging out there in the breeze (which may be mitigated somewhat on a low-drag eco-modder design with skinny wheels and tires), but open-wheeled raced cars have MUCH higher drag than their (all-other-things-being-equal) closed-wheel counterparts. Compare for example, Formula Atlantics with their closed wheel counterparts, C-Sports Racers. CSR's are much lower drag.
I really didn't miss the point, I was just commenting on where the guy stands right now since he seemed ready to take the next step. Though I don't have the actual CdA numbers at hand for a CSR vs say a Formula Ford, being somewhat similar in power and speed, I suspect that your conclusion is correct. Do you have any actual CdA numbers?

OBTW, even this example probably doesn't shed as much light as one would would hope because the wheels on Formula Fords, as most open wheelers, have no fairings.

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