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Originally Posted by jimepting View Post
I really didn't miss the point, I was just commenting on where the guy stands right now since he seemed ready to take the next step. Though I don't have the actual CdA numbers at hand for a CSR vs say a Formula Ford, being somewhat similar in power and speed, I suspect that your conclusion is correct. Do you have any actual CdA numbers?

OBTW, even this example probably doesn't shed as much light as one would would hope because the wheels on Formula Fords, as most open wheelers, have no fairings.
Hey Jim,

My apologies: I didn't intend to infer you were missing "the point", just a bit of info that might not have been considered.

I don't have the CdA numbers... thought I could find them but after a few hours of searching, came up empty. I know that I had them a few years ago.

Also, the reason I chose CSR vs FA instead of CSR vs FF is because:
1) C-Sports Racers and Formula Atlantics are both high-downforce cars;
2) Formula Fords are non-downforce cars;
3) Many CSR's are converted from FA and the only real difference is open- vs closed bodywork;
4) CSR's and FA have very similar lap times;
5) Formula Fords are much slower.

At this year's SCCA National Runoffs, both CSR and FA fastest laps where right at 2 minutes flat, whereas the fastest Formula Fords were approximately 20 seconds per lap slower (i.e., "an eternity").
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