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Originally Posted by TEiN View Post
Hey Jim,

My apologies: I didn't intend to infer you were missing "the point", just a bit of info that might not have been considered.

I don't have the CdA numbers... thought I could find them but after a few hours of searching, came up empty. I know that I had them a few years ago.

Also, the reason I chose CSR vs FA instead of CSR vs FF is because:
1) C-Sports Racers and Formula Atlantics are both high-downforce cars;
2) Formula Fords are non-downforce cars;
3) Many CSR's are converted from FA and the only real difference is open- vs closed bodywork;
4) CSR's and FA have very similar lap times;
5) Formula Fords are much slower.

At this year's SCCA National Runoffs, both CSR and FA fastest laps where right at 2 minutes flat, whereas the fastest Formula Fords were approximately 20 seconds per lap slower (i.e., "an eternity").
No offense taken

I had a thought. Both the Aptera folks, and the University of ??? team that won the X-prize both apparently had strong thoughts that seperate body and wheel fairings was a more aerodynamic way to go, since they built to that plan.

To me it seems a little misleading to compare really good aero stuff, like CSR, to any open wheel car. The open wheelers without the wheel fairings are going to be a lot worse than the same vehicle with good fairings. So, I'm not sure that this is a productive line of reasoning.

I also did some searching for CdA numbers and came up empty handed for time being.


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