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Originally Posted by Photonfanatic View Post
Well then in the end, I guess the question would have to be this: If you add a certain amount of hydrogen, and oxygen, into a combustion cylinder with gasoline, do you get more bang? If you do, it works. If you don't it doesn't work. No one here has explained why this wouldn't work. Or perhaps I missed something. The only thing that could offset this effect would be the alternator, which seems perfectly reasonable to me. Its just that no one seems to be saying that.
The burden of proof rest on the party making the claims. All I have to do to "prove" them wrong is sit back and wait for them to show me their honest scientific results. I'm not asserting that they're absolutely wrong, but saying that I'll believe it when I see it.

Hint: if they're driving, and the car/hardware is not available for objective review... I don't consider it valid, and will continue to wait until someone can deliver.
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