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No. Pretty much all the 1000 amp stuff on the wiki is worthless. I'm using

25 of
Digi-Key - P11621-ND (Manufacturer - EET-ED2D821BA)

12 of
Digi-Key - IXFX230N20T-ND (Manufacturer - IXFX230N20T)

Which by the way means they can probably do closer to 1500-1600 amps. They are friggen beefcakes which as DJBecker pointed out to me, have a very small thermal resistance from junction to case. And the case to sink thermal resistance is also almost zero since they are soldered to it.

12 of these diodes:
Digi-Key - APT60S20B2CTG-ND (Manufacturer - APT60S20B2CTG)
kits and boards
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