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1,550 mile round trip high speed mileage!

had to drop off my friend off in Alabama from Michigan i drove an avg of 80 mph so 75-95 mph and was surprised with getting 31 mpg! for a 2000 cavalier 3 speed auto on a 211,600 mile car.... i thought for sure i would get like 25 mpg because of 3 speed auto... did snag a few backed up traffic i am sure it killed my mileage for a little bit.. so i thought it was pretty good mileage for the high speed...

top left to right top
RPM 3443 inst mpg 31.4
tps 26.6% middle avg mpg 27.6
fuel lev 11.5 dte 318.7

2000 base cavalier 2.2 3 speed auto 4 door at 211,000 miles avg 26-28 city avg 30-38 high way highest mpg ever was 42 mpg for 125 miles at 50 mph...

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