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good , now switch back to

Originally Posted by D.O.G. View Post
When I was driving "BoB" as my daily, I fitted a catch can (home made) because of the amount of oil coming through the PCV.
I later fitted a basic water injection system (also home made) to clean carbon from the combustion chamber and rings.
It restored some of the power and fuel economy the engine had lost over the years (over a few weeks), it also stopped the engine dumping so much oil out the PCV.
I'd been draining 15 to 20 CCs from the catch can every couple of weeks. After the rings had freed up (I guess), I only got a few drops out of the catch can.
that is good
you have freed up your piston rings with the water injection , apparently .

so now
reinstall the original PCV plumbing with a new PCV valve and use only engine oils that meet
ACEA A3 B3-A3 B4 specification and
the problem will not return ...

until the piston rings wear out , the correct lubricants can not restore steel that has worn away .

see BITOG Forums , study and learn
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