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Originally Posted by Photonfanatic View Post
Seems like this might be a viable ecomodding method as well. Maybe you could safely lean out something like... 10% of the total fuel used without harming anything. That's a 10% boost in gas mileage if so. A big jump for a lot of people here.
A vendor for methanol/water injection kits cited a source elsewhere that showed a measurable increase in economy (test case was a VW TDI) but I don't know where it's available online.

But such increases are hard to quantify. Suffice to say, water injection does have a (proven via dyno) positive effect on power production due to reduced temperatures and a denser air charge, so that's what he sells it as, a power adder. Any (possible) economy increase from retuning is just a bonus.... but you'd have to add a failsafe mode that switches back to the "normal" engine maps if the injection system shows a fault or the water/methanol runs out, or it could cause engine damage.
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