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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
That would be soooo cool. Where to put it among the pedals?
I was joking actually, the whole thing says engineering nightmare to me. but, if someone where to actually tackle this as a project the place that makes sence to me would be on the transmission tube as close to the drivers seat as you could get it. would need to be the foldaway dogleg type so it wouldn't intrude on the drivers space.

Originally Posted by 3dplane View Post
Just out of curiosity did you set the toe?
No. The idea that I might need to do an alignment after the project was on my mind. But at the end she drives straight and true, no pull one way or another so I let it slide for the moment. I still plan on an alinement when I finally settle on a new set of tires (Cant decide to just keep the 12" ers and deal with it or update to some nice alloys and low profile tires)

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