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Originally Posted by sheepdog 44 View Post

I highly suggest using - Find your next car... Faster!

It's the only way i have found to search all of craigslist where you can find rare cars for sale like a CRX HF, or VX. If you select all cities together you get the most recent postings of cars for sale. In addition it has searches of ebay, autotrader etc.

Craigslist has lot of good cars for sale with lower demand than ebay. You do have have locals and people who are specifically looking for these high mpg cars. You put a VX or Geo metro on ebay and prices get inflated and you have people DEMANDING their Metros go for 3k+.

Ive been using it to find an HF or VX within a 250 mile range. If distance or money is no problem you will find "the right car." I'm still looking but maybe i'll just save for a high mileage 1st gen insight. I'm just a forum member who is also looking for the "right" car. Again this is not spam.
That site is pretty awesome! While most of those pages I had found on my own, the search function is somewhat different and it definitely has helped me search more thoroughly and faster than before.

Still haven't found the "right" one, but have lots of patience and I know I will find it.

I appreciate any and all help and will gladly pay a finders fee when one comes along that I buy. Have a great day and I thank you all for your help and consideration!
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