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Originally Posted by UFO View Post
Right, the N18 alone controls the EGR flow. What I am saying is there is no intake throttle to help regulate the flow, like on PD VWs, or my Jeep Liberty CRD.

What I have learned since I wrote that is the EGR level is only checked at idle, so it is irrelevant what the MAF response to EGR is at any other engine condition. At the time I did not have enough output range in my circuit to make the ECU happy. My freeware VAG-COM has been invaluable.

So the N-18 duty cycle is not changed at all other than idle? I've never hooked up a LED to see if it pulses on an off. If it does change duty cycle than the vacuum applied to the EGR valve would change and EGR flow would also change.


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