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Wink kit cars and cost

Hello guys,

Just found the thread after being away from ecomodder for a while. In the kit car world we often see "irrational" projects like cobras or factory five gtm cars that cost over 50 grand...and you still have to build them...such it is with projects of passion.

The reason I have sold so many early kits of the Smyth performance Jetta is that the kit costs the same as a transmission for some of the hot rod kit cars that we make at my other company factory five...the key being that this little mid engine car simply flies ANDgets 60 MPG.

For the car enthusiast(not nec the ecomodder) this is a ball and the best of both worlds. While some tweak their rides to get the most out of every gallon of fuel, there are others that love the thrill of the auto as a toy as well as a tool for going to work. The mid engine car was meant to be built from a Jetta at the end of its service life...not from a perfectly good used car. By making the car special enough to justify the rebuild cost we are replacing a new car on the road with an end of life car that is reborn...and fast.

It works for many so far and I hope you can see the fun quotient for those of us that get to say "I built it".

Mark smith
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