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Thanks - There is one of fleabay uk and I have some PayPal funds...

How about one with a very thin single crease line between the headlights seperating the bonnet (hood) from the lower bumper. The lower bumper could have a moveable panel as you have it but with very thin slats. The panel behind could have a conventional grill also in the body colour.

A little like the CR-Z or even the old CRX but without the lower opening grill being very obvious, more stealthy, and using the newer headlight shape you have

It would make the front look "solid" and clean, and would also emphasise the side shape and profile in a 3/4 view.

Having the full width grill also allows for engine flexibility - the 1KR-FE has only a small radiator on the left front (from the driver's seat) but a 1.0 or 1.2 TDI will have a larger unit and an intercooller, as will larger petrol units - e.g. the Toyota 1.3 or even the new 1.6 from the Yaris Hybrid.
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