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The Leaf comes with a charging cord that plugs in to a regular wall socket, sure it's the slowest way to charge, giving you about 4 miles of range per hour that it's plugged in, so plugging in at work would only give you enough of a charge to get home after just over 6 hours of being plugged in, but of course the company you work for might object to giving you a dollar a day raise in the form of electricity for charging an EV, or they might be like my boss and pay to have a charging station wired up next to where I park.
Of course you are right, if you do want a faster charge at home (or at work) you need more then an outlet and that has to be wired in, the charging station that provides that faster charge has a cost as well, they start at around $400 and if you want one that will text message you, Email you and network to your home computer, then it's going to cost more.
Wait, does the UK have 220v outlets as their standard outlet? we have 110v as our standard household outlet, if 220v is a normal household outlet then you cut down your charge time with the cord that comes with the car.

As for people living in flats, it would really depend on where they can park, most light polls can or do have outlets in them and most parking lots have a few light polls, some apartment buildings here have an outlet next to each parking space for people to plug in their engine block heater, so with buildings like that plugging in an EV is not an issue at all.
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