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the cyclone valve is at crankcase pressure so ..

Originally Posted by Josh8loop View Post
I'm actually not sending boost pressure directly to the crankcase. I bleed a VERY small metered amount of boost air from the lower intercooler downstream of the crankcase but upstream of the cyclonic separator. This bleed ensures that I have no significant amount of oil accumulation in the intercooler, and helps to aid the effectiveness of the cyclonic separator. I am getting a little more than 1 ounce per 10K miles.

The other benefit of the system is that it provides visual feedback of turbo oil seals and also the CCV oil throughput. The other benefit is that it helps reduce EGR valve clogging a small amount. I wouldn't swear to it, but my gut tells me I may have increased my mileage a small amount with the addition. I'm at 60 MPG in Florida city traffic for the last 4 tanks of 800 miles each tank-Plus it's darn cool!!
your PCV / Cyclone valve is at crankcase pressure , if you add boost to it from the intercooler which does have boost if your turbo is functioning ,
then your crankcase will operate with boost , pressure above baro when the system is boosting

you have misplaced the air ducting for the intercooler which renders it useless for it's original purpose
your intercooler is a large boost accumulator , with trace amounts of engine oil from the failing center bearing of your turbo

that is not darn cool
pcv cyclone valve should drain to the oil pan

there is no benefit here only detriment

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