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no nickname , it's just a car - '04 volkswagen golf tdi
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i do not think so

reduced MAF signal will result in
less fuel to the system , greater FE , leaner mixture or same mixture when EGR is active , just less of it .

EGR operation reduces MAF flow

EGR functions by DISPLACING area in the combustion chamber with an inert gas
exhaust ,
reducing the available engine displacement volume and combustion pressure during the time EGR is in operation

how do you suppose eliminating EGR will increase FE in your system ? theory says no .

the ALH engine does have intake restriction via a throttle valve to enhance EGR flow and
to shut the engine off when key is switched to
a 2001 beetle would have an ALH engine ?

i also have VCDS
and use it daily - today it is version 11.1- i also use the actual VW scan tools ,
imho you should register your VC software as there are many additional things that will be made available ....
i would not use any software to tamper with the Mother VW settings in engine management .

do not use bio diesel , ever , in any VW diesel engine , another subject .

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