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Originally Posted by DJBecker View Post
I wouldn't say it's not practical. Not having *public* charging stations doesn't mean that you can't charge elsewhere. And your commute isn't beyond the round-trip range of all EVs, you just can't make it with a half dozen used golf cart batteries in the trunk.

Where I work the employee-only garage has a handful of EV-only parking/charging spots. They wouldn't be on a list of public spots, but they still serve as remote charging stations. Perhaps your employer would be willing to do the same.

"Not practical" would be something like hydrogen fuel, where there are three albino yeti for every refueling station on the planet.
Fair points raised by you and Ryland- certainly with some investment and consideration, charging points could be placed relatively simply- however...

Public charging stations would be my only option- Current flat has public parking approx 40m from my front door, and I'm up on the 2nd floor. So I cant run a cable to it, or guarentee getting the same spot, even if I had a charge point installed.

On the map, the area between my work and home contains circa 200,000 people- many times more than can be found in the town of Beith (LHS of map)

Its all a bit backwards IMHO

ps, agree re hydrogen

Originally Posted by jakobnev View Post
Charging at work doesn't automatically mean that you get a free ride, you can offer to pay for it.

There should be no reason for them to not let you plug in.
There is no way I could charge at work- Local Authority (austere in extremis due to budget cuts, no Employee assigned parking, no chargepoints, street parking) ya get the picture

however they do have a fleet (well, 4) of the Peugeot electric cars..but they dont have enough range for my needs..
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