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Originally Posted by mwebb View Post
your PCV / Cyclone valve is at crankcase pressure , if you add boost to it from the intercooler which does have boost if your turbo is functioning ,
then your crankcase will operate with boost , pressure above baro when the system is boosting

you have misplaced the air ducting for the intercooler which renders it useless for it's original purpose
your intercooler is a large boost accumulator , with trace amounts of engine oil from the failing center bearing of your turbo

that is not darn cool
pcv cyclone valve should drain to the oil pan

there is no benefit here only detriment

Not sure you caught just how small my bleed line is from the lower intercooler? It's 1/8" diameter, and about 6-8 feet long.

Not sure you caught the fact that my cyclone separator is not a stock component for my car and was added to aid in oil removal from the intake.

The bleed line is essentially a capillary tube. You cannot physically drive much volume through it(since it's so small in diamteter) at such low boost pressures. Let alone the fact that it is carrying small slugs of oil through it occasionally(Enough for 1.1 oz per 10K miles) which further reduces the volume it can move. It also enters the CCV system at the elbow on top of the valve cover in a way that will allow the VERY small amount of air that it bleeds to entrain additional crank case gasses essentially scavenging the crank case to a very small degree.
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