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So far, the ElCon has been very good - and much faster than I would have expected. And very quiet! With the ferro resonant charger, it would only put out the full 1.4 kW for a while, making a very loud hum when it was putting out power above 1kW. As pack voltage increased, the amperage dropped off, slowing the charging time. If I happened to plug in to a weak outlet (lots of sag, or plain low voltage) I would not get a complete charge, or it would take forever. In one location the input voltage sagged to just about 100 volts, and the battery would not charge above about 80%.

I've used a number of outlets with the ElCon, purposely doing opportunity charges to see how things work. The fastest so far has been my house (6-20 plug / 245 measured volts) at about 10 miles per hour of charging. All the 110/120v charging I've has been at about 6 miles per hour of charge. Voltage sag doesn't seem to affect it that much.

The wh/mile on the CIticar has improved compared to the old charger as well. The performance factor (pf) of the old Lester was around .96 . With the ElCon, the pf measures at .99 or 1.

The battery pack in the Citicar is about 4.5 years old, and recent wH/mile readings were about 300 with the old charger. With the ElCon, it has gone down to a bit less than 250. When I get a new pack this summer, I'm hoping for less than 220.
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