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Originally Posted by UFO View Post
EGR reduces NOx by decreasing combustion temperature, which has the side effect of decreasing thermal efficiency. By disabling that system, I am increasing the engine's ability to extract work from the fuel. THAT'S the theory, and I hope to have some measure of data to support it soon. To which "theory" are you referring?
EGR adds inert gas to the combustion chamber to reduce combustion pressure thereby reducing combustion temperature which MAY reduce NOX formation if the temperature is brought below the value needed to form NOX said to be around 2500f
EGR reduces combustion chamber volume making the engine displacement smaller - small engines operated at higher loads are more efficient than large engines operated at low loads
that is one
theory that is a fact
EGR when operating reduces MAF flow which reduces fuel added by MR ECM
which reduces fuel consumption
another fact

It's only used to shut off the engine, it is not used as part of the EGR system
The freeware version IS the actual VW tool. Not sure what you mean.
Why not? And who is doing that? I use the VAG-COM to validate the performance of my mod.
Indeed, it might reduce your fuel costs, your carbon footprint, your emissions, increase your fuel mileage, your engine reliability. Don't do it.

VW uses the throttle plate to increase pressure differential between intake and exhaust allowing increased EGR flow

Vag-Com is obsolete
currently known as VCDS and it is NOT the actual VW scan tool although it is used by some VW tech s for some things , the actual VW scan tools have many functions that are not present in VCDS .
VCDS graphs and logs , VW scan tools do not
VW scan tools have GFF and GF , and communicate to Mother VW for software and adaptation abilities that VCDS does not have .
VCDS does not communicate with address 25

more facts

Honestly, if you are going to criticize what I am doing, at least bring some facts or data.
EGR is good , EGR reduces NOX and improves Fuel economy
EGR does not operate at WOT and therefore does not reduce max availible power
there is no good reason to delete it

Bio diesel is bad
it cloggs up particle traps with ash , ash is not purged during regen
particle traps damaged by Bio diesel are not warrenteed by Mother VW and Partical traps are not inexpensive
Bio diesel is bad
bio diesel leaves behind deposits that completely close intake passages so that the engine can not run
and Bio diesel leaves behind deposits that freeze up variable vane turbo chargers , effectively killing them although sometimes the vanes can be UNclogged , most techs can not UNclogg them
have you ever encountered glow plugs taht have been broken off in the cyl head because the tips were carboned in place and would not release as the glow plug was removed ?
i have
bio diesel is bad , what ever you may think , what ever blarney you may have been told , there is no money to be saved by using it in a modern diesel engine .

more facts

your turn

VCDS graphed data showing boost actual can not equal boost specified at WOT , there are no leaks -
bad turbo , 2011 jetta

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