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Originally Posted by mwebb View Post
reduced MAF signal will result in
less fuel to the system , greater FE , leaner mixture or same mixture when EGR is active , just less of it .

EGR operation reduces MAF flow

EGR functions by DISPLACING area in the combustion chamber with an inert gas
exhaust ,
reducing the available engine displacement volume and combustion pressure during the time EGR is in operation

how do you suppose eliminating EGR will increase FE in your system ? theory says no .

the ALH engine does have intake restriction via a throttle valve to enhance EGR flow and
to shut the engine off when key is switched to
a 2001 beetle would have an ALH engine ?

i also have VCDS
and use it daily - today it is version 11.1- i also use the actual VW scan tools ,
imho you should register your VC software as there are many additional things that will be made available ....
i would not use any software to tamper with the Mother VW settings in engine management .

do not use bio diesel , ever , in any VW diesel engine , another subject .

The ALH engine(1999.5-2003) does have an anti shudder valve(ASV) which by the Liberty CRD guys and others is called throttle valve. The only time to my knowlege that it is active on the ALH is when you stop the engine. There is no demand for it to actuate during normal driving conditions. The EGR is forced in by the exhaust backpressure, and would need to over come whatever boost pressure the intake is seeing at the time. In the CRD realm, the throttle plate is most likely used to enhance EGR flow as you mention in a more active implementation-the ALH EGR is rather rudimentary.

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