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Originally Posted by ProfH View Post
I have a '97 Buick Park Ave, and can get up to 35mpg if I keep my speed between 60-68 on the hwy.
If you stick to 62mph, it'll likely get even better - if the transmission stays in its top gear / overdrive.
Except on long trips, you'll hardly notice it on the time spent to get somewhere.

I think that is pretty good for my big boat! Some smaller, less luxurious cars get less mileage than that, so I'm happy.
It's not bad considering what your driving.
The US national average is in the low 20s , and that's for new cars !

Hope I can find information to even better the mpg.
Another easy way is to increase the tyre pressure.
You can do it gradually, or go straight to the maximum on the tyre's sidewall (most folks here are running the max. pressure listed on their tyres' sidewall, some run a lot more pressure) .
The ride will feel hard(er), but it shouldn't feel bouncy - back off a bit if it's bouncy.

Blocking the upper grille - partially or completely - is another popular mod.
But in Florida, be sure to keep an eye on engine coolant temperature if you do.
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