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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Well, half of it My buddy built the other half. My reputation preceeds me? Now I'm curious where you first heard about/saw it.
Well, without any slight in the phrase, not so much your reputation as the car's. Some people don't always do a good job connecting a project to its owner. I think I saw it on Digg at some point, but it was a link to a blog talking about it with a YouTube link or something like that.

Either way, it's awesome. Way to go! I'm actually considering an EV mod of my own, but I'm still only in the "inspired with limited research" phase of things. I'm trying to get an idea of the actual cost, as well as the complexity of the project and a timeframe.

I prefer to do something like, say, a Tercel, vs a Geo Metro, mostly because I had and worked on one for a long time and so think that I can do well with it, and unlike you, I'd rather go with "new parts" that would produce more consistent power and the like, something that if possible, would be driveable on roads and even highways.

Any good thoughts on where i could begin to get an idea of a parts list and pricing?
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