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From my understanding the trouble you will have with the 3 stage v-tec engine is finding an ECU that will work with it as that engine was never sold in the USA and the intake on that engine is larger for the higher revs, that is the main reason why you can't get the same kind of mileage out of it, also I don't think (could be wrong) but the 3 stage v-tec ECU might not allow for learn burn either, so what can you do about it? you could get an intake an exhaust from a D15z1 engine, along with the 5 wire o2 wide band o2 sensor and a civic VX 49 state ECU and at that point the 3rd stage in the v-tec, opening up the valves a bit more would be the only part you would be lacking, of course that could be controlled outside of the ECU with it's own Arduino or some other micro controller to trigger that solinod.
Can any one confirm or deny that the D15b engine doesn't have lean burn?
Otherwise it seems like folks are getting in the low to mid 50's with the D15z1 engine as long as they are not running A/C and I would think that the D15b would be about the same if you have the smaller intake and 5 wire o2 sensor on it and this is just a guess, but mileage around 45mpg or so otherwise?
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