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I think that some of the negative press on biofuels is because it can cut into the fossil fuel kings tax base. Many midwest states/provinces could become energy self sufficient if biofuels is done well. Right now I agree that how ethanol is produced is not a net benefit to anyone but the seed and fertilizer producers.

Biofuels do have the potential for people to become fossil fuel free. Currently I heat with my own wood, so the fossil fuel input is probably $40/year for the chainsaw and atv, this saves us maybe $1500-2000 per year in oil or propane or electricity. We do however spend about $3000/year (or more with current prices)on gas for the two cars, so if I can cut this down to near zero I would be very happy to watch oil prices be manipulated to infinity...

It seems using canola oil is the easiest way to get off the pipeline, diesel cars can be converted fairly cheaply and I don't have to build/learn how to operate a still, to create alcohol, plus tractors are mostly diesel too. Not many diesel chainsaws though...

Anyhow, I have quite a ways to go before we burn our own veggie oil in our cars but atleast I'm thinking about it.

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