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Originally Posted by Diesel_Dave View Post
When made properly, biodiesel doesn't contain any more ash than traditional diesel fuel. The ASTM standard for traditional diesel fuel (ASTM D975) calls for ash <=0.01% mass. The ASTM standard for B5 & B20 (ASTM D7467)
also calls for ash <=0.01% mass. The spec is exactly the same for ash.

If anything, biodiesel should extend the life of the particulate filter, because biodiesel typically produces about 10 times less particulate than conventional diesel fuel. Even B20 typically produces about 1/2 the soot than conventional diesel. Less soot produced means fewer regens, therefore more DPF life.

Most all the deposits that cause problems with VG's, glow plugs, etc. are primarily soot and, as I've already stated, biodiesel produces far less soot than conventional diesel.
Biodiesel is good, unless you are cold starting an IDI at 15'F.

Originally Posted by Diesel_Dave View Post
I've never, ever, ever seen a scenario where adding EGR improved FE.... but just adding EGR will always reduce FE.

I've seen lots of diesels where there's EGR all along the torque curve.
Remove all doubt, for me I just delete the EGR.

I say just don't listen to non-diesel people on the subject of anything diesel related.
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