Thread: D15B vs D15Z1
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The stock engine I have is a 1.6l with 108 hp, that at best has gotten me 35 mpg. I'm pretty sure either of these engines would beat that. That and it's about to blow up on me anyway haha. As for the lean burn, I know that in low rpms the B only operates on 12 valves which is supposed to reduce fuel consumption. Dunno if that's the lean burn or not, but I still think it's pretty cool. Also, the ecu issue was a known concern going in, so we are rigging up a switch and a button so I can control the various stages manually (the switch will control the changeover from 12 to 16 valves, and the button to toggle the 3rd stage (which I hereby refer to as the boost) I don't plan to use the boost much and will probably use it less than the computer, but it's nice to have in a pinch. That's also part of what I wanted to know with the HF transmission. Would that keep my rpms lower and in turn allow me to use the first stage (efficiency) longer?
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