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Originally Posted by ngrimm View Post
All very good points. A question though. Is it possible that hydrogen injected in a sufficient quantity could serve as a catalyst and thereby contribute to the combustion efficiency?
That's what the study proved, improving from 22 to 28% of bhp vs injected fuel HP by injecting H2.

mort quoted it before :
If the paper is to be believed, the addition of 1.5 lb/hr of hydrogen improved efficiency from 21.95% to 22.78% (bhp/fuel hp)
So rather than making 22% of the possible HP contained in the fuel, it made 28% of the HP contained in both fuels.

It's the same kind of efficiency benefit you get when adding LPG or CNG/LNG to diesel - the diesel burns better, so it makes more HP, so you need less of it. Even when compensating for the gas, you're still using less fuels.

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