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Reply to godscountry - yes I have planned engine modifications. As you rightly pointed out, there is plenty of scope to raise the engine power output in order to reach my primary goal. The C90 motor in its many guises has a wealth of tuning products available, but I hope to achieve my 100mph goal with only limited tuning.
I intend to increase capacity from 85 to 100cc, improve cylinder head flow, install a modified camshaft, utilise a less restrictive exhaust system and fit programmable fuel injection. The net result of these changes will (I hope) give me 12-14bhp, but retain useful driveability.
Recently I have been reflecting upon the lack of a specific fuel economy target in my goals, and the tuning route would seem counterproductive to a vehicle that is all about FE.
It would seem fitting (in light of the Project 100) nametag to aim for 100km/litre at 100kmh, but I think that’s just a bit beyond my reach and I would need to compromise my ideas about style.
Thanks for your interest in the project and suggestions – keep them coming!
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