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Hi Craig, ref your point about a series sponsor for the Vetter Challenge, I would like to make the following suggestion,(even though I'm sue its something you must have considered).

Can't we get "The Discovery Channel" interested? They produce some excellent documentaries (of real merit) alongside the mildly entertaining crap. I'm sure the trials and tribulations of us ecomodders warrants as much airtime as the stupid antics of the average tattoo'd redneck burning up the planets resources.
Chances are your challenges would be more entertaining, cheaper to film, and be morally superior (which must count for something with a large multinational corporation with and an image to protect),than the existing chopper/hot rod output.
Even if we don't compete at present, there's bound to be a time when audiences "burn out" on chopper building.

Someone on this forum must know a "way in" - lets present a case for a real-life documentary series thats entertaining (without temper tantrums and breaking things), informative and fun. Who knows, we may catch the wave and wake up the world to what we already know - Detroit doesn't know it all!

Craig - if you film it, they will come!

Gotta stop now, that's my alarm clock going off.
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