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Originally Posted by mikeross View Post
How do I stop the serpentine belt from squealing? My belt was just replaced and it still has a slight squeal to it! I've heard that you can lubricate the belts slightly! What would be the best formula or lubricant to use? Oil, power steering fluid or what? Thanks.
Silacone grease.... A little dab el do ya! Ya sounds slippery put a glob about the size of two peas on each side of the scweeky belt and start, a waalaa scweek is gone. Warning as said before a little dab is all you need if it doesn't work,
Go but a new belt! If this is a car that get driven over ten mile to or from
A job don't be dum buy a new belt so your not that ******** blocking traffic on the hi way with a car that lost a belt.
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