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Originally Posted by ngrimm View Post
From what I have read, the Incite didn't appear to have a deNOx catalyst. It apparently uses a purge mode requiring it to leave lean burn mode.

Possible Solution for NOx Purges - Insight Central: Honda Insight Forum
Yes that is how the Gen-1 Insight NOx system works ... store it during lean burn and then catalyze it into 'Harmless' Other things with the addition of a little bit of unburned hydrocarbons of fuel and heat experienced during the 'purge' part of the cycle, where you leave Lean Burn.

What I don't yet see is how this is a different catalyzing method than the 'new' one...

I thought you were refering to the same one as discussed here, From the EERE

They say,
The high conversion rate of the Argonne catalyst results from its effective interaction with hydrocarbons in diesel fuel
Which means it still needs those diesel fuel hydrocarbons in the exhaust after the combustion chamber ... which to me reads like the same kind of system the Gen-1 Insight already had ... This 'new' catalyst still needs heat and unburned hydrocarbons from bits of unburned fuel in the exhaust from a 'purge' engine operation... sure you could just run your engine in a 'purge' like state all the time to keep very low NOx emissions ... but you would also be wasting lots of unburned hydrocarbon fuel at the same time.

If you are thinking of something else ... please give me a link ... I'd like to read about it, if it is something different than this.
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