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Originally Posted by IamIan View Post
... this suggests there is a break even point ... where the 0% of bypassed fuel energy used in the ICE is a bigger waste of fuel than the lower % ICE efficiency of the purge cycle ... I wonder where that break even point is.
I've been casually following this, and it is really gratifying to see the thread veer from fantasy land not just back to reality, but to such an in-depth discussion of combustion control.

I'd have to think that the difference in actual fuel consumption would be hard to measure even at a constant speed lab dyno test. My guess is that, in both cases, the maximum unburned HC going into the converter is no more than 1% of the fuel burned in the cylinder. Generally 1% excess HC seems to be about the limit of what a converter can tolerate.

But I am speaking from relative ignorance... I'm posting mainly to say thanks for the good discussion.
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