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Thumbs down Ultra guage rebate really is bad.

I did recieve my Ultra gauge Friday and set it up. Pretty easy. However i must say getting the rebate is really sorry for a manufacture to do it the way UG does. I am sure they don't want to pay, but do you really have to go through this. If I had known I really beleive I would not have purchased the UG. I kinda of feel games like this is a reflection of how a company operates.

In case you don't know, you first have to wait for your UG. Then hook it up, don't forget your cars manufacture date (month, year), then run the factory diagnostics and record the 39 numbers plus the final two digit code. Go to the website /start and open the form. Fill it out and record all the numbers. then sign and copy it. Then get the disclaimer page and inital it and copy. Then don't throw your packing slip away. You need it. Copy it. Now after you have assembled, filled out, and copied you can staple it all together or create an electronic package and send to the company. You may see it in 10 weeks. This really feels scammish to me, but $9 is $9. They must have a staff up there with nothing to do to waste that much company time seeing if you did not make a single mistake. Becuse if your documents have a single mistake, the deals off on the rebate.

Okay, said my piece.

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