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From Silverado to Civic

Back in December, I was offered my dream job which required a 81 RT commute from 500 feet to 4000' everyday for work (No freeway, pretty much all mountain driving). I knew that my 01 Silverado would just not cut it (MPG, of course), so I bought a new Honda Civic LX sedan at the end of December.

So I went from 18-20 MPG with my Silverado to 36-41mpg with my Honda.

I haven't done any modifcations yet (Other than a scangauge) to the Honda. I plan on switching to Mobil-1 when I hit 10K. Probably put some "tufoil" in it (I've used it in all of my vehicles for the last 20 years and have always seen a MPG increase. So call it snake oil, I know this stuff works).

My average MPG has been between 36 and 41mpg and I hope that the recently installed scangauge will get me to increase that MPG.

I'm looking forward to being a member and learning how to increase that MPG. I find it a constant game as I try to figure out how to increase my MPG.

I drive-
11 Hyundai Elantra GLS
16 Honda Pilot LX
And a 1907 Baldwin Steam Locomotive (Really)
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