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Originally Posted by larrybuck View Post
You GO w your big, bad self (I mean little) George!!!!!!!!

Folks; I think we have found the dream side of Arragonis!!! He puts up a great front,
but on his dark side, what is really in his dreams.....THIS is how he would really like to drive!! (tee-hee!)
Kind of - I want to be this guy who drives the Aygo's sister car a Citroen C1 in rallies - there is a Formula 1000 for 1 ltr cars for beginners.

Chris Ingram Rallying

Hmmm - looks fun (waits for ponder smiley...)

He manages quite a few four wheel drifts in his FWD car in his videos - which are worth a watch. The latest video I found on him (not on his site) he had switched from a C1 to an Aygo - obviously superior
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