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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
If you are thinking feat forward and sitting up but still not get wet in the rain, it would take a complete rebuild of the seat and bodywork such as Vetter is working on with his "Last Fairing". I can't think of any bike shy of a Concourse or Goldwing or big BMW that can do that stock and they get less FE than a car. Most of the 650 adventure bikes can break 50mpg such as the Versys or the V-Strom but don't have any fairing lowers for your legs. The CBR250R would be a great place to start when he starts selling the fairings as it will do 15% better FE than the Ninja.The Honda Integra would be pretty nice stock but is not slated for sale in the US as they have decided only to bring the naked adventure framed version here.
Seems like an Integra in a 250 and the 700 size would do well here in the states helping to bridge the gap between scooter and motorcycle. Honda has done wierder things in their motorcycle offerings resulting in bikes 8-10 years ahead of thier time. For example the PC800, Transalp, TLR200 Reflex among others.

Improving the CBR weather protection with strategically placed deflectors doesn't seem like that far of a stretch really. I agree that Concours or Gold Wing sized protection is not feasible without a full Vetter "Last" fariing, while also maintaining decent mpg. Sitting upright is more comfortable than a sporty position when significant wind protection is used, as leaning into the moving air becomes less and less a part of the comfort equation for the hands and neck.

Using the cycle-ergo site and comparing my dimension between the Concours and the CBR250R it is clear that in profile there isn't much protection in stock form on the CBR. As my Concours windshield has 4" cut off from the windshield top to get the helmet into quieter less turbulent air, it looks like a 4-5" taller windshield on the CBR would reach about the same height, and be closer to the rider. From experience this creates a smaller yet more effective bubble of quiet air. The other issue though is width of the bubble which is obviously much smaller on the CBR.

Sendler, as your standard position is a mild tuck, how much do you estimate you would need to lower the seat to put your head at the same hieght while sitting in a more natural position?

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