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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
You could also drive until the reserve light comes on solidly, then always fill up ASAP with the same volume of fuel.

You won't have a tank average, but you can monitor your miles-to-reserve-on-X-gallons and try to better that number.

You can make it more accurate of keeping track of how many miles you do before filling up, and adding them to the next miles-to-reserve.

That said, the weight savings of half a tank won't matter very much when there's 3 people and their luggage in the car.
Of the 4 cars I've driven regularly enough to have an idea of when the low/reserve gas light comes on, none of them have been anywhere near reliable. one of them (admittedly an old lug of a car) has a 2+ gallon variation in terms of when it comes on. It's also heavily influenced by the angle the car is on. Sort of the same flaws as logging by analog gas gauge, really.
2001 Prius - 170,000 KM - just got it (no consistent FE numbers yet)
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