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It's a 2008 with a auto transmission.. Got 6500 miles on it right now. Tufoil-

As I stated, I've been using it for a long time. Never had a problem with the engines. When I had a manual transmission, I used it in that and shifting was smoother.

How do I attack the commute? about 2 miles from my house is the Poway grade to Hwy 67. I take it slow and easy (Scangauge reports nothing more than 16 MPG on this climb). Speed limit is 55 and I'm doing 40-45 and pissing off everyone behind me. The drive to Ramona, probably an average of 60MPG until I hit the lights and even timing the light, drops the MPG down to 30 or less. Then I start the grade to San Ysabel. I probably average 25-30mpg. I got a nice hill to coast to right before san ysabel, then the grade to almost Julian where the MPG drops again. When I get to work, the scanguage reports a average MPG of around 33mpg. On the way home, I have lots of downhill, of course, and when I pull in my driveway; my average for the day is normally between 39 and 40mpg, constantly. I give myself 1.50 hours for the commute (One-way), so I'm babying the civic, but I'm still to work in just over 1 hour.

I look for forward to reading adn hearing your suggestions to improve my MPGs. As I stated, I find the effort to increase MPGS to be a game. There has to be a way to get more and I'm just waiting to hear of a anotehr suggestion to try.
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